Sunday, July 3, 2016

Stuck, but hope is here

Haven't written is quite a while. Didn't feel like it.
I'm going through something which I think most people go through in India - I'm stuck. In the last month I've hung with a small group, and we were just near the guest house all the time, smoking too much, and generally doing nothing.
Kind of what I felt in the orphanage, but somewhat intensified by something which happened when I was in Israel for my birthday... Basically, the last month wasn't easy on me, emotionally.

Long story short - I landed in Delhi, went to Kasol to meet Yuval, a friend I met on the plane back from Kathmandu. We spent two days there, then went to Dharamsala, where we stayed for two weeks.

Now I'm in Manali, the weather is absolutely beautiful, the views are stunning. Tomorrow I'm gonna rent a bike and go ride with a group.

I lost friends I love, and it's painful, but I hope I can put that behind me. Isn't a month enough? I say it is.

Here's to better days ahead!

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