Sunday, July 3, 2016

Taking a vacation. From my vacation

Day 54.
Last day in Nepal. Did some last minute shopping, and got on a plane to India. The flight was uneventful, and I met a few guys and we came to the main bazaar together. After some chill time, me and one of the girls I met on the plane went for some food. The usual Indian scene now - getting some weed, sounding some fine music, and having a great conversation about absolutely everything. We stayed there for about 5 hours, and reluctantly I had to go back and head back home.
I made the mistake of taking a motor rikshaw, which can’t enter the airport, so I ended up paying more than a taxi would cost, for far less comfort. Flight to Israel was ok.

Day 55.
Israel. The place which you deeply miss, yet when you come there, you can’t help but frown. There was something wrong with the train, and we had to take a taxi from Tel Aviv to closer to home. But then, I got to see my mom, and we had a fun couple of hours. Later, I met a good friend, who was happy to see me, and then I met his kids, who were even more happy to see me. And boy, was I happy to see them!

Day 56.
It’s Lag Baomer, met a couple of friends, had a great time.

Day 57.
Took my niece and 4 more kids to the science museum in Haifa, I used to go there all the time when I was a kid. It grew and there are more fun stuff to do there. And there’s a fountain where kids can run around and get soaking wet. Which, of course, they did. Fun ride back home with my niece, I love talking to her, she has a tendency to open up to me, so we have really interesting conversations.

Day 58-59.
Weekend. Chilling and doing basically nothing

Day 60-61.
Work days, ate lunch with a couple of friends, and gotten some work done. And then, apparently, as it doesn’t work, not exactly finished some of it.

Day 62.
And again, day spent with friend, having a great time.

Day 63.
Happy birthday! I’m 30. Now, let me cook up Beef Wellington, and then some BBQ, salads, music, alcohol and good people. In a beautiful country house. A good recipe for a party.

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