Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Day 8 - back in Delhi for an emergency hospital visit.

Did not have a good sleep, kept waking up because of fever, took an advil a couple of times and it helped a bit. But overall, really felt shitty. And then, I woke up, did the morning routine, and coughed. Some stuff came out, and when I spit it out it was bloody.

Immediately I packed all of my stuff, went to the nearest travel agency, got an overpriced plane ticket to Delhi, so I can go to a real hospital with real doctors as soon as possible, and then went to get some food.

At the caffe (which became my usual place, the one near freedom cafe), talked with a nice Israeli girl who seems to be stuck in Rishikesh for the last three weeks. This place has that effect on people, it’s so laid back, that it’s easy to just do absolutely nothing there. I think that all in all, the fact that I was forced to get away from Rishikesh, is a good thing.
I went on a really funny taxi ride to the nearest airport, called the Jolly Roger or something like that (Jolly something, but hey, it’s Captain Hook’s boat, and you’ll never convince me otherwise!). The airport itself loosely resembles a bus station from the 90s. The way things are done has nothing to do with professionalism, and no order is kept, which is hilarious, to somebody who’s used to seeing airports function like swiss watches - stand in one line, do your thing, than you move to the next station, until you’re free to roam around and wait for boarding.
Not here. Here you go to the check-in counter, the guy there tries to sell you an exit row seat for “the nominal price” of about what you paid for the ticket, and then he’s like “oh, I forgot, you need to pass your bag through the x-ray machine”, which I did.
Only oddity about that (except the order in which things were done) was that nobody was actually attending the x-ray machine. So my bag passed through it, nobody watched what’s inside, and somebody picked it up for me and took it back to the check-in counter. Then it was time for “security”, which, here, means you pass your bags through an x-ray machine while people skip the line, then you pass through a metal detector, and even if it doesn’t beep, you still get a pet-down.
I’m pretty sure that the guy did it just so he could check if I was circumcised or not.

Anyway, the flight was fun, basically taking off and landing straight away, with about 5 minutes of turned off seatbelt lights.

I landed and took a taxi straight to the hospital, which is conveniently in the middle of the way to the main bazar in Delhi. The hospital is fairly good, albeit coming from a country where medical services are free, I found it odd that in order to ask a doctor a question I had to pay for a visit, but I understand them, I guess...
I saw an ENT doctor, who diagnosed what I have as a severe bacterial infection in the upper respiratory system (i.e. throat and nose, not lungs), and because my mom insisted, I went to see a physician who listened to my lungs and ruled out a lung infection such as pneumonia or bronchitis. Got all the correct medication, and ordered a nice hotel room on - I’m stuck in Delhi for the next few days, so why not make the stay more pleasant by being in a decent hotel room, with room service, A/C, etc.

The hotel is located in a dump, like, the street is horrible, but the place itself is fairly pleasant. I’ve quite content with this place for a few days.

I’ve ordered a plane ticket to Nepal for a month - found a rather cheap flight to Nepal and back for exactly one month, so I’ll do that. I really hope I’ll find fun people there.

Plan for tomorrow is simple - work 4 hours in the morning to make up for the half-day which I couldn’t do on Sunday because I started feeling bad, and than I’ll just chill out in the room. If I’ll feel well, I might go to the Chabad house and meet some people, and who knows, maybe I’ll find somebody who’s going to Nepal as well :)

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